Programme materials

Last bit of our “all-inclusive” approach concerns the programme materials and requisits. If we say “all-inclusive”, we mean everything included. No additional charges on-site. No extra entrance fees, book deposits or any of that.

So when it comes to the seminar materials, we will have everything ready for you. Most courses will have a sort of course book, some theory and a lot of examples of good practice. We are already preparing also video materials that we will share with you once you leave us. We know books are useful, but maybe seenig a short online tutorial that refreshes your knowledge might be even more helpful for some.

We will be finisihing up the materials as we will be already in communication with the seminar attendants so that we will be able to adapt to your specific needs and wishes.

And yes, we see coffee and other refreshments also as an inevitable programme material, so we will make sure, that you will have enough access to that too throughout your stay.