Make a Spark by Sparkling! Can a New Perspective Change 21st Century Pedagogy?

Do you ever run out of ideas on how to help young people grow up? How to stay by their side to help them make the most of their personal development and how to counsel them in a creative way that is close to them?

Do you often wonder how to educate young people to cope with stress and to be in tune with their emotions, to understand and accept their thoughts and actions?

Together we will learn some methods, techniques and approaches that can help us in our work with young people. We will look at examples of good practice that can help us get close to young people and support them where they need it most.

We will enrich our pedagogical knowledge with some theory, but above all with practical examples, and learn about the principles of work that have been proven to be effective. We will be very concrete and focused on the very needs we perceive among young people.

Working Sessions

The course consists of five intensive working sessions:

Capture Your Thoughts
Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Theory
  • Icebreakers (getting to know each other)
  • Let’s play with our thoughts, emotions and behaviour (Cognitive Behavioural Theory)
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Does changing your aperture change your view?
Capture Your Feelings
Emotional Intelligence & Flexibility
  • Am I aware of myself? Telling my story
  • Emotional intelligence: what is it and how to grow it
  • Expectations and flexibility: when life doesn’t go as planned
  • Examples of good practice
Stress, My Friend
Managing Stress & Nurturing Resilience
  • Stress (how it affects our brain, our body and our cognition)
  • Stress, my friend?
  • Resilience – how to define it and how to nurture it
  • Examples and good practice
Be Here and Now
The Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Personal plan – try and write one (and live by it)!
  • Where is the place for mindfulness in our busy lives?
  • Outdoor activities – how to find my own way of practicing mindfulness?
  • Examples of good practice
We Can Do It!
The Salesian Preventive System
  • The Salesian Preventive System of Don Bosco
  • Relationship – the base of everything
  • The coffeeshop of opinions
  • Evaluation and saying goodbye

Course Schedule

The Team

Jana Jemec
Course Instructor
Bernardka Rupnik
Course Instructor
Monika Merhar
Course Instructor
Petra Držanič
Course Instructor

What is Included in the Course Package?

  • full-board accommodation, including breakfasts, lunches & dinners,
  • all course fees, contents and materials,
  • a day trip around Slovenia,
  • a guided afternoon tour of Ljubljana,
  • all other extra activites & fun social programmes,
  • coffee and other refreshments throughout the course,
  • additional support by our team before and during the course
Price of the Course Package: €1,300

EARLY BIRD OFFER until MAY 30, 2023: €1,300 €1,150

FURTHER DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE in the case of TWO or more participants from the same school!


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