In addition to lectures and workshops, we also offer additional activities – extras – to course participants.

Their purpose is to get to know other participants and cultures, socialize, network, and exchange good practice.
We will also do our best to make you enjoy at least a little of Slovenian cuisine, the natural beauties of our country and its tourist attractions.


Monday – International evening

This event provides an opportunity to learn more about the home countries of the course participants.
You will hold a short presentation of your country. Feel free to be as innovative as possible!


Tuesday – Afternoon and Evening in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital and the largest city of Slovenia. It has been the cultural, educational, economic, political,
and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991. That is what Wikipedia says.

But Ljubljana is much more and you will discover it on a guided tour.

The tour will end with a visit to a traditional Slovenian restaurant.
In a cosy atmosphere, you will be able to experience Slovenian cuisine and drink a glass of Slovenian wine.


Wednesday – Optional modules and Activities evening

Optional modules: each of you will choose two modules (two shorter 90-minute workshops)
in which you will learn either more about a specific field of our work at St. Stanislav’s Institution or
get a short introduction to one of the other courses that run simultaneously.

More about optional modules

Wednesday evening will be dedicated to socializing: we will play board games and try out various
team building activities that can also be used in class.


Thursday – many opportunities to visit the surrounding sights

Thursday afternoon and evening are free, but in your own organization you can decide to visit a tourist point that is not far from Ljubljana –
e.g. world-famous Bled with an island in the middle of the lake or the picturesque medieval towns of Škofja Loka and Kranj.


Friday – Sharing Best Practice Event and Reflection evening

Sharing Best Practice Event is a joint event for the participants of all courses

We strongly believe that you also do a lot of interesting things in your schools that are worth sharing.
Please do cooperate! 

Think about what you find most interesting, innovative or useful for other teachers in your teaching
(or at your school) and prepare a 10–15 minute presentation.
You will share your experience with other colleagues, who will certainly be very grateful to you for that! 


Saturday – day trip

Saturday day trip should remain a secret, but it is certainly something – this day will not lack the beautiful Slovenian nature,
interesting tourist attractions and good food and drink.