Who are we?

We are a school. Actually, several of them. And we value experience that we gained in various cooperations. And we have been to a lot of seminars, some good, some excellent and some lacking in content or logistics. And we know we have much to offer. And we are convinced that:

“Teachers know best, what teachers need most.”

A somewhat poetical postcard from St. Stanislav’s – showing a bit of our life.


St. Stanislav’s in some numbers

250+ staff members

We are a rather large educational institution and we have been growing steadily in the past two decades. Currently we have more than 250 employees. Most of them are pedagogical workers, but we also have researchers, interns and treinees, administrative and support staff. Ready for anything.

1.500+ students

There are A LOT of people we meet and work with day-to-day. More than 650 students in secondary and 450 pupils in primary school make up the majority. With the other units adding a hundred or two more kids, there are more than 1.500 of them that we see daily.

100+ years of experience

St. Stanislav’s is actually one of the oldest educational institutions in Slovenia. It was the first secondary school to use Slovenian language as the only language of instruction. And we held the fist Slovenian matura in 1913. A lot of history and experience hand-in-hand with innovation.

7 international projects

In the last 5 years we have been included in 7 larger international projects with foreign partners that have lasted for two or three years and included several activites; a lot of the projects were focused on topics that we now offer as courses for teachers.

81 teachers

In the past 5 years we have also sent a large number of our teachers to attend seminars and structured courses abroad. We have had several larger training projects and we have learned a lot. And we want to share πŸ™‚

6 different institutions

There is really a large variety and diversity to our everyday life. Kids ages from 1 to their 20’s can be seen roaming our halls. Among us we have: a kindergarten, a primary school, a secondary school, a music school and two dormitories for high-school and university students.

Why visit us for a course?

To put it simply, we can quote it again for the third or fourth time:

“We believe that teachers know best, what teachers need most.”

We have a lot of experience with teacher training seminars. A while ago we were preparing them on a smaller scale. With the Eramsus+ Programme we have started sending our teachers to seminars rather intensively. And we have seen that the best courses for us, were those designed explicitly for teachers and preferably held by teachers or at least those in touch with teachers.

So that is what we did.
We looked at what we are good at and how we can share this most effectively with other teachers.
There are several aspects of what we see as our main benefits.

Intensive work segments

Each of the 5 course modules offers 6 really intensive and interacitve work sessions. They combine some theory and put much emphasis on practice. We will try to engage you, as much as possible. All of the courses will be lead by our best teachers. And the dynamics of smaller gropus (10-15 attendants) will ensure that the work will be really active and rather intensive.

Course personalisation

From the moment you contact us we will try to find out more about you and your specific interests and needs in your pedagogical practice. We will taylor make some segments of the programme based on the participants and additionally, you will be able to choose 3 optional segments out of a variety of those on offer.


One of the best benefits from attending teacher training seminars are the contacts with your peers and colleagues that you establish. As we have 5 courses running simultaneously you will benefit from a wider array of attending profesionals. You will be able to expand your networks and horisons through various (social) activities planned for the entire group of 50+ attendants from around Europe.

International excange

Supporting networking and enriching the attendants chosen module we are organising also an additional fair of good practices. So, you will be able to choose 3 shorter work segemnets as already stated but we think that another even shorter dynamic would be benefitial to all the attendants. So in the course of the seminar there will also be an international fair. You will obviously be asked to actively participate.

On-site accommodation

We know that getting around can be quite a challange and a hassle when you are abroad. And if you wish to work really intesivelly, you probably don’t need the extra work of bothering about the logistics. That is why our seminar is an “all-inclusive” event. You will be able to read more about it in the next section. What you need to know now is – we have you covered: you are staying and eating with us.

Enrichment programme

We really want to make sure that your experience of staying with us is a pleasant one. That is why we are preparing an additional enrichment programme for all the attendants of the programme. This programme will include ample opportunities for social ancounters, several sight-seeings and culinary experiences and you can read all about it in the sections bellow.

Programme bonuses

We hope you join us for the programme. But in any case, we want to make your stay pleasant, help you make connections and absorb new realisations and skills in such a manner that you will be best able to translate and adapt them to your environment. It is not just about the what but also very much about the how.

That is why we are giving extra attention to the logistics of your stay. We want to make sure that you are well taken care of. So here we want to give you a little bit more information on your accommodation, meals and of course the enrichment programme.

Room and board

Accommodation at the venue and full board. So everything is included in the course.

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Professional excursion

Obviously, it would not be much of an enrichment programme if we wouldn’t show you some of our beautiful Slovenia. This will be a day you will look forward to. πŸ™‚

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As you will be living in the beautiful capital of Slovenia, it would be a real pity if you wouldn’t take full advantage of that. We will make sure you won’t miss it.

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Your standard seminar meals as well as full board at the seminar venue and additionally a couple of real treats along the way.

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Programme materials

No extra costs once you are here. All the coursebooks, video lectures and coffee are included in the seminar fee. πŸ™‚

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Can we give you any additional info?

You have the general idea of our seminars. Intensive work in 6 sessions of your chosen module, 3 personalisation options, several networking opportunities. Logistically everything is taken care of. We have some more information bellow, but we really do want to encourage you to contact us regarding anything. Specifically your stay at this point. We know that travelling might be stressful and challanging for some, so please let us know if you might have any special requirements. Among other things we can help you organise your transfer, perhaps arrange for an airport pick-up, extend your stay with us … Anything, we can help you with, please:

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OK – I think this really is something right for me – just a couple of questions

Sure thing – fire away πŸ™‚ !



Monday, July 1 – Sunday, July 7

How much?

How much?

All expenses covered for 1.300€

Talking about the price ...

We hope you can agree that 1.300€ for a 7-day seminar including room and full board as well as all the course materials and enrichment programme is in fact a bargain. But we need to let you know about a great opportunity. We were able to attend all the seminars in the past years thanks to the Erasmus+ programme that awarded us generous grants that helped us attend the courses and further improve our schools. And obviously, we would suggest the same to you. You are eligable to gain a grant of around 2.000€ to attend our seminar. Yes – quite a lot more than what we are charging you. In any case – if you are interested in this possibility, please read more about it.

More info

Let’s review …

We have gone through the bulk of the presentation. We need to recap, what it is we are inviting you to …

  • One week in lovely Slovenia during the summer of 2019.
  • 6 intensive interactive work segments of your chosen module, 3 workshops to personalise your experience, several networking opportunities.
  • Courses run in an actual school, by actual teachers, deeply rooted in the life and needs of teachers, all experienced, professional and approachable.
  • Accommodation and full board on the site of the course.
  • Interesting and versatile enrichment programme activities.
  • Everything included in the price of 1.300€.
  • The possibility to gain a grant of around 2.000€ to attend.

What are we forgetting … The content of course!

Details on Seminars Content

We have 5 modules available to all attendants. They cover the topics and fields that we have the most experience in. We know what we are doing, because we are doing it from year to year with our students and pupils. We are improving it, developing, expanding and now we are confident enough to show what we do to you.

Outdoor Education: Head First, Hands-on and Taking Heart

We cannot really just learn to do anything, we have to do something in order to trully learn!

Drama in Education: a Process to Change

Let’s stop preparing students for life and make them experience life!

Music and Choirs: Answering the Needs for Expression

By performing and creating you can go so much further than by just norming and reiterating!

Reflective Approach to Teaching Physics

Self-reflection can get you to approach not only your subject but also your students!

Dialogue and Solidarity: Service-Learning as a Pedagogy

Socially engaged teachers and students are the future of education!

Finances and Funding Opportunites

Why you probably won’t need to pay 1.300€ but might gain 2.000€ and how we can help you.

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We really hope to see you in Ljubljana.

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