Skills in Focus. Primary Education for the 21st Century

Do you teach mathematics, languages, arts … ? No. Even though you think you might be – we think it is more about the fact that you teach Sara and Emil and Matteo and Ana. And Sara, Emil, Matteo and Ana have different needs, different talents, different desires, different fears, different potentials. Perhaps the school system might not be focused too much on this aspect of individuality of your students. But we know that YOU are.

In this seminar we want to equip you with some ideas and tools on how you can transform your teaching to be more responsive to the individual needs of the students, their talents and building up not only towards amassing knowledge but rather developing skills. What elements you can incorporate to bolster expressiveness, creativity, confidence, physicality, reflective use of technology and others – while keeping in mind that you will not be able to completely change the school system around you.

Working Sessions

The course consists of five intensive working sessions:

Head, Heart & Hands
Advantages of Integral Education
  • Introduction to the course
  • Which are the educational challenges of the 21st century?
  • What are the basic concepts of Integral Education?
  • How to focus on students instead of the curriculum?
  • Why we should shift education towards developing competences
Learning on the Move
Physical Activity & Sports in School
  • Developing students' competences and talents through sporting competitions
  • Formative assessment and progress monitoring of students' physical ability from childhood to adolescence
  • Example of good practice: the Slovenian Sports Educational Chart
It's Art!
Creativity & Early Talent Development in the Arts
  • Towards excellence or expression - or perhaps even both
  • Common class projects to help build community
  • Project weeks, class competitions, festivals – concrete activities organisation
  • Drama techniques, visual inspirations – using art in the course of teaching regular classes
Skills for the 21st Century
Encouraging Innovation & Digital Skills
  • Integrating ICT and digital competences in the primary educational process
  • How to mentor and encourage innovation in primary school?
  • Example of good practice: Innovation Camp for primary school students
Own Your Future!
Vocational Guidance in Primary School
  • Integrating skill & competence development into all educational processes
  • Encouraging students' active networking in the labour market
  • Example of good practice: starting a lifelong personal career portfolio

Course Schedule

The Team

Marko Weilguny
Course Instructor
Uroš Kermavt
Course Instructor
Marko Novak
Course Instructor
Nataša Hanuna
Course Instructor

What is Included in the Course Package?

  • full-board accommodation, including breakfasts, lunches & dinners,
  • all course fees, contents and materials,
  • a day trip around Slovenia,
  • a guided afternoon tour of Ljubljana,
  • all other extra activites & fun social programmes,
  • coffee and other refreshments throughout the course,
  • additional support by our team before and during the course
Price of the Course Package: €1,300

EARLY BIRD OFFER until MAY 30, 2023: €1,300 €1,150

FURTHER DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE in the case of TWO or more participants from the same school!


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