Professional excursion

Yes, we are going away for the weekend. Well, that might be exaggerated a bit. 🙂 But we have a field trip planned for all of the seminar attendants together. And we are going to some of the prettiest and nicest places in Slovenia.

The last day of the seminar will be an attempt to summarise your findings and reflect upon the week you spent with us. And we don’t want to do that in any boring kind of way. We want to do it on the road. We want to create a friendly and stimulative atmosophere. And – let’s face it – we want to show you also some of our beautiful land. 🙂

Slovenia really is beautiful, pictoresque and incredibly diverse for such a small country with no real distances. We want to show you a little bit of that. We will take you to the seaside and the mountains on the same day. And hopefully, you will not spend all that much time on the bus. Just enough to talk a bit and to share your impressions.

You will see Piran. A beautiful Istrian town on the Slovenian coast. Lovely mediaval city, ripe with Italian influence, city first established by the Romans and rather influential in the Venetian Republic. Rich in tradition and culture and we will try to bring you to experience some of that.

Later on after lunch we will bring you to Bled. If you have seen just one postcard from Slovenia, there is a 90% chance that you have seen the island of Lake Bled. It is touristic, it is popular but it really is mesmerisingly beautiful. Surrounded by the mountains, with the castle overlooking it and having the only Slovenian island in its middle – Lake Bled is a sight to see. We will do all the necessary touristic stuff and a bit more.

Check out the gallery bellow and see for yourself why you will really look forward to the last day of the seminar.

Oh, and at this point we might want to add that we would quite like to show you more of our beautiful land – but we just couldn’t fit everything into the one-week programme. If you are, however, thinking about prolonging your stay and seeing a bit more, please contact us and we will try to help you in any way we can.