Optional modules

Each participant will choose two modules (two shorter 90-minute workshops) in which they will learn either more about a specific field of our work at St. Stanislav’s Institution or get a short introduction to one of the other courses that run simultaneously.

Choose your module:

  • Career Guidance and Counselling
    (Examples of good practice from St. Stanislav’s Institution: career counselling, individual support and accompanying, one-to-one and group activities, panel discussions, workshops etc.)
  • Added Value to the Curriculum: Classical Antiquity Days, Service-Learning Days, Civic Education Days, Rhetoric
    (Presentation of the above mentioned activities that are part of the obligatory curriculum at St. Stanislav’s Institution and well received with our students.)
  • Project Days to Encourage Creativity and Innovation
    (During the so-called project days students work on a chosen project individually or in a group. These days encourage students’ creativity and foster innovation. Presentation of the steps: applying for a project, working on it, handing it in, getting a mark, the role of the mentor …)
  • Music
    (A brief presentation of the so-called choir pyramid of St. Stanislav’s Institution: starting starting with class choirs in the first three years of primary school, then expanding over two primary school choirs to five secondary school choirs and up to alumni choirs and the positive impact that making music has on students.)
  • ICT in Practice
    (A brief presentation of different technology solutions that we use in primary and secondary school: hardward, tools, applications.)
  • Integration and Service Learning
    (Presentation of the mediation practice and the volunteering activities set up to foster cooperation between our students and migrant communities. Presentation of service learning activities set up in the curriculum.)
  • Drama in the Classroom
    (Some practical examples of techniques and methods that you can use in your classroom, regardless of the topic and/or age group of your students.)
  • Outdoor Classroom
    (A basic overview of the concept of experiential learning and the benefits of activity on cognitive ability of students as well as some ideas, tools, methods and techniques for taking classes outdoors.)
  • Physics
    (A short insight in skills required to implement and adapt new physics experiments into your teaching, deeper
    reflection about graphical approaches v.s more common equation approaches.)

We will do our best to meet the expectations and consider your needs. Prior the course, a short questionnaire will be send to modify the programme according to your needs. In addition, we can arrange one-to-one meetings with our teachers on the topics you are interested in.