Room and board

So, you are away on a course, you have enough at your plate as it is and you have to find a way to transport yourself everyday twice or maybe even four times if there are seperate morning and afternoon activities … Not the best option.

You are working intensively and you are deeply emerged into your work and then you have to go about and look for a place to get some food and going through some calculations in your head if this will work for you within your expenses budget … Not to our taste very much.

We want to take good care of our guests and not put them trough all of this.

That is why we are arranging for a room and full board while you are our guest. As you know, we are a really rather big institution and we have all the facilities necessary to provide for all of that.

You will be staying in our student rooms. We want to be honest, they are not hotel rooms. But they are neat and tidy, you have your own privacy, your bathroom, you have your wifi pass, enough space and storage to store your clothes and other belongings. And you can come to breakfast in your slippers. 🙂

We have a wonderful canteen. The word canteen does not do it justice. This is almost hotel grade. So you really don’t need to worry about the food one bit. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and we bet you will love it. If you have any special dietary restrictions, you don’t need to worry at all. Our kitchen staff deals with tens of conditions daily, so contact us, let us know and we will prepare something for you.

And as you will be looking through the programme, you will surely notice that there are several exceptions to the general programme and occasions when we will take you out and you will eat even fancier. 🙂

Check out some photos of your accomodation and our canteen, just to make sure we are telling you the truth.

(Gallery coming soon.)