Reflective Approach to Teaching Physics

There is no shortcut to substantially speed up the process of novice-to-expert style grasping of physics. We, the teachers, are the experts, but sometimes frustrated by small steps by which our students transform their novice reasoning to that of an expert. How can we enhance that transformation taking into account the fact that there are usually 30 students in the classroom? Comprehension before computation is one answer, and the second one is including different experiments (demonstrative ones and those, carried out by students).

Self-reflection can get you to approach not only your subject but also your students!

Why would you want to come to this seminar? What is it that you will gain?

  • encouragement in your own commitment for physicsteaching out of your knowledge of physics, genuine curiosity and admiration fornature’s simplicity in first-glance complexity
  • deeper reflection about graphical approaches vs.more common equation approaches
  • knowledge and skills to implement and adapt new physics experiments into your teaching
  • some insight in state prepared exams as well as in teacher’s own test papers
  • an awareness of a broader picture of physics topics, their connections and historical development

So what do I get for the price of 1.300€?

The short answer: EVERYTHING …

If you are interested in the specifics of your logistical arrangement, you can check our homepage, but to sum it up in a couple of bullet points

  • all the seminars contents and materials
  • additional optional modules and good practice examples
  • coffee and other refreshments throughout the course
  • accommodation and full board
  • varied and colorfoul enrichment programme
  • a series of networking opportunities

I would still like to know a little bit more about the seminar content

Reasonable enoug. There will be 6 work segments of your chosen module, you will be able to chose 3 addtional shorter segments to personalise your experience. You will have a wonderful course conductor and social activites. We will let you know more about the work segments, the chief course coordinator and a provisional timetable just bellow.

Tine Golež is the course coordinator.

Chosen module work sessions

Introduction to the course
(Comprehension before computation: the case of kinematics. From graphs to equations of kinematics. What is a reasonable usage of computer based experiments? The structure of a test paper.)

Ready-to-wear vs. made-to-measure
(The case of textbooks. Am I allowed to create my own textbook? What should be the essential difference between a standard textbook and mine? Experiments for participants.)

Experimental day
(Presentation of examples of good practice, various experiments for students of different levels, setting up the experiment, guiding the students.)

Show and tell
(Active participation by the participants who are invited to share their best practices, joint reflections and work on improvments, adaptations.)

Two decades of external exams
(What can we learn from Slovenian state prepared physics final exams (matura) during the period from 1995 to 2017?)

The broad picture
(How to introduce the broader picture of physics, instead of sets of unrelated phenomena? Case studies: from the pattern of the ripple tank to the atom and the universe; the case of electricity; from WHY to HOW and from empirical finding tophysics laws; a historical approach.)

Provisional timetable

MorningarrivalSession 1
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 2
Visit to Ljubljana
Optional modules
FreeFair of good practices
EveningFreeInternational evening
Slovenian evening
Activities evening
FreeReflection evening

Since this website does not allow us to really present the timetable efficiently, please contact us and we will send you a proper timetable for your course.

One last summary 🙂

  • 6 intensive work sessions in a smaller group
  • approachable and hands-on instructors
  • 3 optional modules to personalise your course
  • several opportunities for networking and exchange of good practices
  • rich enrichment programme
  • accommodation and full board
  • everything in the price of 1.300€
  • a chance to get a grant around 2.000€