Finances and Funding Opportunites

Each of the courses costs €1,300.

An intensive and practical one-week course including personalisation possibilities and numerous networking opportunities, full-board accommodation, rich social programme you will not be able to forget very soon – all of that for €1,300. We want to let you know about two wonderful opportunities.

But you will most likely pay substantially less or even earn around €2,000 to attend.

  1. We have many fantastic partners and will be able to subsidise the course fee to a number of participants. We will prioritise the participants from the Balkan region that cannot apply for an Erasmus+ grant for teacher trainings and the participants who are not applying through their schools. (When contacting us, please specify that you are interested in securing a reduced price and we will let you know more.)
  2. The Erasmus+ Grants are the second opportunity we want to tell you more about. The EU places a great emphasis on the professional development of teachers through international mobility. Every year the so-calledKey Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme is dedicated towards this.

Here is a little bit more about the Eramsus+ programme:

So, you can apply with your school to an Erasmus+ Tender at your national agency. You will find an online application where you will need to explain a lot of information in detail. And among other things you will add a structured course in Slovenia in the duration of 7 days. Based on these inputs, the application form will calculate the grant for this seminar. It goes a little bit like this:

7 days of a structured course - 7 x 70€ (course fee)
7 (+ 1 travel) days of living costs in Slovenia - 8 x 126€ (subsistance)
travel to Slovenie based on the distance, but for most - 275€ (travel)
each mobility comes with some extra expenses - 350€ (organisational support)
total grant of: 2.123€

So, there you have it. You can get a little over €2,000 for the course that costs €1,300. And you get to keep the change. Obviously you will need to get to us somehow and that will cost you. Whatever you save, you can use to further develop your school, buy new materials in-line with the project idea, organise additional trainings …

Does the money just fall into my lap from heaven/Brussels?

No it does not. You need to do some work. You need to prepare a project, you need to fill out the application form, you need to submit the application and get it approved. This does take some time and effort but in our experience it is well worth it.

So, how much time will I invest and what returns will I reap?

It really depends on you. We were fortunate enough (well, skill played some part as well) and we got 6 projects in the past 6 years. In total this enabled us to send out 81 teachers and we got around €170,000 to attend different teacher training courses.. We have quite a competitive selection in Slovenia where around a third of the project proposals are accepted in Key Action 1. This varies from country to country.

How do I go about writing a project proposal?

Great question. There are several ways to approach this. And realistically this page is not the place to get all of the infrormation on this issue. We would need to go a lot more in depth. You need to start soon. The deadline is February 5th 2020. The project is extensive and you need to do quite some planning and even the writing takes some time. But you can get some help doing this.

OK, who can help me?

You have your Erasmus+ national agency, perhaps you have a partner school that has done something similar. And if noone else, we can also help you with application.

What can you do?

We have 3 things we can offer you. This is going to sound a lot like a sales pitch but the ending will perhaps surprise you a bit.

  • We can send you a PDF step-by-step guide with all the links you will need and a check-list to follow.
  • We have started filming YouTube tutorials on project planning for our partner schools abroad. We can send you a link to the private videos.
  • To a limited amount of you we can help you “proof-read” your applications and give you some advice. (Obviously there are some limits to this activity.)

OK, enough with the sales pitch already. How much do you charge for that?


Right. Where’s the catch?

We are a school. We are not an application writting agency. You might find one of those to help you. But we have a bit of a beef with them, because we see the vast majority of them in it mostly for  the money. We don’t have a problem if people make money but if you get a project just to get the money, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities for improvement and advancement.

Let’s put it more simply:

  • We have received a lot and a lot of people and organisations have helped us along the way.
  • We want to share some of what we have.
  • And we have some know-how about international projects – their planning, running and also applying with them.
  • We hope to share with you our knowledge on the course  topics, so we want to see your applications succed and welcome you to Ljubljana.

So really feel free to:

or you can check out all of our courses: